This page shows a collection of designs that have been modelled with jSDN. Ckick on the images to view them full size. They correspond to actual output of jSDN. If you want to share a design, please send a mail to:

Esta página contiene una colección de diseños modelados con jSDN. Haz click en las imágenes para verlas más grandes. Estas son salida directa del programa jSDN. Si quieres compartir un diseño, envía un correo a:

Name Designer Modeller Description Files

Este Class 40

Alfonso Avilés
Balance Arquitectura Naval
Humberto Martínez A new Class 40 boat (2008), designed in Spain and built in Italy by Cantieri Navali D'Este  


Alfonso Avilés
Balance Arquitectura Naval

Humberto Martínez A model of the A-Class catamaran currently raced by Humberto Martínez (ESP-85). The first A-Class catamaran designed and built in Spain. You can learn more by visiting:  


Francisco de Miguel Francisco de Miguel 31 m LOA trimaran for offshore round the world racing  

Mini 750

Humberto Martínez Humberto Martínez 7,5 m LOA concept curiser-racer, inspired in the open classes, but with emphasis in habitability and performance in IR rating (Spanish rating).  


Larsson & Eliasson Humberto Martínez Design from the book "Principles of Yacht Design". A must in every yacht design book shelf  
George A. Stewart Humberto Martínez Candidate design for the 1893 America's Cup, incorporating double fore-aft rudder and bulbed keel  

Submarino Peral

Isaac Peral Humberto Martínez First fully operational war submarine (1888), initially known as Torpedero Submarino. She was able to navigate for 1 hour at 9 m depth. She also performed several torpedo attack tests both at day and night  


    Tugboat model imported from a 3DS file  


MARNET   Sample hull from the MARNET database