Lines Processing Program

This module takes as input a jSDN design and computes several naval calculations: hydrostatics, stability analysis, coefficients, appendages and sail dimensions, etc. In order to produce adequate results, each surface (POLY or NURBS) must have a properly defined element type and subtype. It can compute both monohulls and multihulls, by just defining the appropriate HullSets. The calculations window contains three views: model, plots and reports. The model panel shows the jSDN design in front and side views, and allows access to configuration options.

There are configuration dialogs to modify hydrostatics limits, frame of reference, displacement and stability parameters.

Specified conditions
Frame of reference

The plots panel shows a series of calculations results that include: hydrostatics, curves of forms, KN curves, transversal GZ, longitudinal GZ, heeled wetted area for specified displacement, heeled wetted area for a range of displacements, heeled trim for a range of displacements. All plots can be exported as image files in PNG format.

The report panel presents a recopilation of the results that include: per hull centers and coefficients, overall centers and coefficients, hydrostatics and stability values and curves, and sails and appendages measurement. This report can be exported as an HTML file, as shown here.